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22 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I have just finished sycamore gap. Absolutely brilliant just right not to soppy, but brilliant couldn’t put it down, can’t wait for book 3 . Thank you


    • Hello!
      I’m so pleased to hear that you enjoyed reading Sycamore Gap! I will hurry up and get on with book 3 (Heavenfield) so that you don’t have too long to wait šŸ™‚
      Louise x


  2. I have just finished reading my third LJR- Heavenfield. I really enjoyed them all.
    Despite the excellent plots I have the additonal interest in now living in Northumberland.
    After years of holidaying here, we have now retired to this stunning county!
    The descriptions are wonderful.
    So looking forward to Angel.
    Thank you.


  3. Since I live in the United States, word of your novel was only recently passed on to me and I have just ordered it. I am the screenwriter who adapted the novel, Dragon Under the Hill, which is also based on Holy Island and I spent quite a bit of time there. I absolutely fell in love with the place! It does indeed conjure inspiration. Wishing you only good things…


  4. Hello LJ (Louise)

    Last month my brother Steve gave me your first 2 novels as a gift. I believe you met him at the Greenwich writers group so I am lucky to have signed copies too. I have just finished Holy Island, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I thought the pace and style of writing was good and could see it appealing to a wide audience. I am looking forward to starting the next instalment in Sycamore Gap and finding out what Ryan does next and whether the story follows on. I thought I would ‘check you out ‘ online and glad I did as I now see there are 2 more novels published in the series – great! Thanks again , the decision to change career seems to be working for you!


    • Hello Julie!
      Thanks very much for getting in touch! I’m delighted that you enjoyed Holy Island and hope you find the others in the series equally enjoyable! It was very nice to meet your brother at the Greenwich Writers’ Group – I wish him every success with his own writing!
      Thanks again and best wishes,


  5. Hi Louise
    Have just read High Force and all I can say is WOW, you really know how to build up tension. Cannot wait for the next book. DCI Ryan is wonderful.


  6. Ditto with Lesley …..been thinking – there has got to be a film / TV series soon – I have a number of actors in mind (River Song from Dr Who as Denise for instance) but – LJ , who do you see as Ryan – as long as you don’t say B. Cumberbatch (!!) ………but as long as there are more books I’ll be happy with my imagination. Thank You


  7. Yesterday I finished reading book 5 of the DI Ryan books, which were just fabulous, Your description of Newcastle and Northumberland made me feel like I was there in the story ,.,fantastic I can’t wait for book 6, – you have just found your number 1 fan – thank you
    Ps one of my friends has just bought all 5 books and three others have ordered from their bookstores and that’s just the start

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  8. I have just finished Dark Skies – having received the first two for Christmas I was hooked and had to get the rest myself. I have absolutely loved reading about DCI Ryan and his team – I am big fan of crime novels and adore Northumberland, so it is my ideal escape! There are so many nuances in your books and they are absolutely engrossing.
    When is the next one out?
    Thank you

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  9. I am a lady 87yrs young and housebound and have read all of your DI Ryan books to date. Can’t wait for the next one ‘Infirmary’. I live near Alnwick in Northumberland so thoroughly enjoy the connection to this area. I also enjoy the style in which these stories are written. Being confined to the house they take me out and about without leaving my living room! Once I start reading these books I can’t put them down. Please keep them coming.


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