The Prodigal Author Returns…


Well, look who just dragged themselves out of social seclusion! Yes, you’ve guessed it… me. How are we all doing? Well, I hope!

I realise I have been somewhat remiss in writing a blog post lately, so I thought I would remedy that situation immediately and let you all know what I’ve been up to. It’s mostly tedious, so if you have better things to be doing such as watching paint dry or fish swimming around a tank, feel free to bow out now.

In a nutshell, the last month has involved:

  1. Packing up and moving our entire family from Somerset to Northumberland, just in time for Christmas. Sheer lunacy, but it’s all over now (I’m still getting flashbacks about the packing).
  2. Do I need to elaborate further? It’s a big deal, especially with an excitable four-year-old, and we celebrated in style by dragging a 13ft tree into our lounge. The problem came when we had to drag it out again…
  3. Releasing my seventh book, Dark Skies. Any indie author will tell you the kind of hands-on dedication this involves, including signing, packaging and sending paperbacks, running competitions, all manner of plates to keep spinning in the air. I don’t have a dedicated team of assistants to help me with all that but I do have a bloody fantastic husband, family, friends and fellow bibliophiles and it’s thanks to them that Dark Skies became my third UK #1 bestseller back in December. Big thanks to all of you!
  4. Renovating the new house. It has great bones but needs a lot of TLC. When I say, “a lot”, I mean there were fifteen workmen in our house just last week ripping out bathrooms, re-fitting bathrooms, replacing radiators, painting, plastering over wood chip…you name it. One thing is certain: if I never have to make a cup of sugary tea ever again, I’ll be a happy woman.
  5. Helping my son settle into his new school. He’s only four and loves going to school, but a house move and the prospect of making new friends is a lot of change in one fell swoop and it was important to give him the attention he needed.
  6. Writing two books. Oh yeah, did I forget to mention? I’m writing two books simultaneously. And if anybody ever tells you that writers don’t work hard, feel free to give them a slap around the chops from me!
  7. The usual round of events, admin, general life…

Having said all that, I thought I’d better stick my head above the parapet in case some of you wondered if I had run off to Timbuktu. It’s always a possibility, but not this week, fair readers.

In other news and on a writerly note, I want to thank everybody who has written to me recently asking for advice, mentoring or to read their works in progress. I am humbled that you feel I would have anything to add to what you have already achieved and wish that I could respond more quickly or commit to an ongoing mentoring relationship. Unfortunately, given how hectic life is at the moment and my own busy work schedule I have had to decline. This is no negative reflection on any of you and I wish you nothing but the very greatest success with your work – it is a sad fact that I do not have the time to read as much as I once did, which is something I am trying actively to remedy. Sending best wishes to all of you!

One thing that I can commit to is the reinstatement of my bi-weekly ‘Author Introduction’ feature on this blog. If there are any authors out there who would like to be featured over the coming year, please contact me at with the subject line ‘Author Introductions’ and I will do my very best to include you – it’ll be on a first come, first served basis! I am also keen to showcase writers and new talent from a range of publishing backgrounds and in particular independent authors.

If any reader or budding writer has a burning question they’d like me to answer – this could relate to the DCI Ryan books, writing or publishing in general, then drop me a line with the subject line ‘Blog Questions’ and I’ll do my best to answer them in forthcoming posts!

For now, I’m off to immerse myself in the world of DCI Ryan who, it has to be said, just keeps uncovering twisty crimes in atmospheric settings…

‘Bye for now!

LJ x


13 thoughts on “The Prodigal Author Returns…

  1. Hi Louise
    We’ll you’ve had quite a lazy time of it then !!!!!!😂Wishing you and your family many happy hours in your new home and happy hours writing for us too.
    I am waiting with great anticipation for the release of dark skies on audio which I believe is coming in February. It has killed me to wait until the audio release but I,know I am not going to be disappointed. Hope you are well and keeping the bugs at bay. Kind regards Judith

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  2. Never mind ‘Bye for now’ LJ I am on withdrawal symptoms, when is next one due? Not found anything remotely like what I would like to read, have only read 1 decent book since ‘Dark Skies’ and this was ‘Death in Shetland Waters’ – Marsali Taylor, believe me I read loads and am fervently waiting for Ryan’s next outing. Stay well, hope your mum is ok xxxxxxxx

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  3. 15! And I thought I had it bad with 4 workmen in the garden for the last 3 weeks keeping them unfrozen with different variations of tea & coffee every hour on the hour! Though I now have a lovely pond & patio where in summer I can sit & idle away some relaxing time – something I never had. Love the books, wish my mum (who is an avid reader, averages about 3 books a week!) would get a Kindle so I could share – I can’t afford all the paperbacks for her!

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  4. Welcome back to Northumberland Louise, I understand the stress of a move from one end of the country to the other, did it from Dorset to here 21 years ago ( but no 4 year old). There’s no finer place to live and I wish you every happiness in your new home. Looking forward to meeting up with DCI Ryan again soon (but only on the page) xx

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  5. Hi I have just recently found your books and have to say I have read them all in quick succession. Thoroughly enjoyed the Fens books but SCI Ryan is in a class of his own. I look forward to his next outing. Enjoy your new home.
    Valerie Coleman

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  6. OMG!! OMG!! OMG!! I literally just finished Dark skies after 10 intense days with Maxwell Finley-Ryan and I already suffer from withdrawals! Lately it’s been difficult for me to get attached to characters (and I really really need a good book to be happy in my life! XD) but with the gang I felt THE spark! I love them all and I found myself shouting at the pages a thousand times! (Jack is the stupidiest moroon ever!!!!) I miss already Anna&Ryan and I hope I will see them soon with a baby!!!! ♡♡ Can you give me an hint on when the next book will be released?? And will it be available in any country at the same time? (I’m italian so I buy on and a couple of times books were only available on Have a nice day!! And thank you for your books!!!!!!

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    • Thank you, Serena! I’m so pleased you’re enjoying them! 😀 The next one is currently in production so I will go as quickly as I can – when it is released it will be released in all territories at the same time. Xx


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