Writing vs. Motherhood

The struggle between honing one’s craft and being a parent is not exactly the Battle of Waterloo, but it ain’t far off. Any mother will tell you that trying to juggle a career alongside trying to be a good parent is a tough balance to find. When push comes to shove, your little bundle will always win and what’s more, you won’t mind. Here’s why:

  1. The “Cute” Face.

Just when you think of the perfect piece of prose, or of that idea which ties together the loose ends of your story, helping you to break through the horrific writer’s block which has plagued you for weeks, your little one will give you the Cute Face. No writing, note-taking or, in fact, anything not involving snuggles or huggles can be achieved once this has happened.

Kid 1 – Writing 0.

  1. The Accidental Spillages.

The MacBook Air or whatever piece of shiny machinery you use to jot down your whimsies becomes like a member of the family. Like a pet, if you will, and, much like a pet, it dislikes having its screen yanked, or having milk strewn across its keyboard.

Kid 2 – Writing 0.

  1. The Sleep Deprivation.

You know that film, Insomnia, with Al Pacino? The one where he goes slowly off the rails owing to lack of sleep? Yes, that one. Well, parenthood can be remarkably similar. After weeks and weeks of broken sleep, followed by mornings singing along to Peppa Pig and/or Winnie the Pooh and/or any Disney films, you find yourself wishing for a quiet, darkened corner. Except, of course, when you see your little one jiggling their hips to the theme tunes and shouting “BEE!” and “HONEY!” intermittently at the screen. Aww.

Kid 3- Writing 0.

The battle continues to wage, dear friends, and I fear that this face will always win…

Just look at that Cute Face.

Just look at that Cute Face.

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