Five reasons to love London…

Written on the door to the loo at the Espresso Bar in Covent Garden. Clearly, they know me too well.

Written on the door to the loo at the Espresso Bar in Covent Garden. Wise words. 

1. There are independent coffee shops which play Turkish dance music. You can therefore drink excellent coffee, while typing, WHILE SHAKING YOUR KABOOSE!

2. There are tourists who come to you asking directions to Covent Garden, while they are standing in the middle of Covent Garden. Moral dilemmas abound.

3. London isn’t the middle of no-where. I say this, having recently returned from the wilderness of a forgotten town in Kent. Now, call me biased, but there are some parts of the country where wilderness is positively a good thing (read: Northumberland). The place I have just visited (which shall remain nameless in order to protect myself from any angry attacks from the village council, or similar) was not one of those good types of wilderness. It was one of those, “Oh dear God, let me back on the train so I can smell the sweet smell of civilisation” types of wilderness.

4. You can dress like a slob and call it ‘kitsch 90s throwback’. How else can we explain the recent regression to the jelly sandal?

5. The air may be smoggy, but you can console yourself with the fact that it isn’t as smoggy as Middlesborough, or Shanghai.

The list goes on, but that’ll do for now!

Happy Tuesday!


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