The Coffee Shop Tour: Scoff & Banter, Seven Dials

The mint leaf counts towards my 'five a day', right?

The mint leaf counts towards my ‘five a day’, right?

First thing’s first, as you can plainly see from the picture, there ain’t much in the way of coffee drinking going on today. Well, apart from the gallon I drank to jumpstart my system this morning, but that surely doesn’t count?

Today, I’m in sunny London in the heart of the Seven Dials district, an area which in the nineteenth century was a notorious cess pit of vice and debauchery. You don’t see much of that here, today. It’s all upmarket shopping and posh nosh (shame).

The interior of this place is all a bit…purple, for my liking. It feels like it should have been an entrant on that old 90’s TV show, ‘Changing Rooms’. You know, the one with that bloke with the billowy white shirts and the long (dyed) black hair? Despite its unfortunate colour scheme, the cocktails are great (I can confirm).

In other news, I’m getting to what I like to call the ‘fun’ part of the next DCI Ryan book. It’s the section where the net begins to slowly tighten, narrowing the pool of suspects considerably. I can have some real fun with this bit, because it’s possible to emphasise or de-emphasise certain characters, depending on where suspicion lies. Goody. *Rubs hands together*

In further unrelated news, two strangers came up to me today and said that they recognised my face. Being a relatively private person, I doubted that this could be the case. However, it’s possible that I have one of those faces. This got me thinking about mistaken identities, which got me thinking about Book 5, since the next two are already planned. Good to keep the ideas flowing!

Hope it’s sunny, wherever you are.


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