The Coffee Shop Tour: Bar Azita


Welcome back, caffeine lovers! 

Yesterday, I managed to escape the confines of my house (where I have been nursing my son, who’s been ill for the past week) for an hour’s respite. I decided to grab the laptop and hotfoot it to Bar Azita for some daytime tapas and an Americano. It’s a cheerful family-run place in the centre of Harpenden, Hertfordshire. The staff are friendly, the food is great and the coffee is… Well, OK, it’s kinda average but it does the job. 

The atmosphere in this little place makes up for any coffee deficiency, since it’s airy and upbeat. It’s usually packed out seven nights a week thanks to the food and the excellent cocktail menu, but it also makes for a writer’s haven during the day. 

Sadly, after my research into forensic entomology, I wasn’t able to do justice to their aubergine and hummus, but such is life. I’ve been polishing the first few chapters of Sycamore Gap and this new adventure in the life of DCI Ryan will require more of a scientific outlook. 

For those who may be interested, Sycamore Gap is the name given to a particular part of Hadrian’s Wall, in Northumberland. As the name suggests, there is a large, iconic sycamore tree nestled in the u-dip of the landscape. (Put another way, it’s the tree that Kevin Costner sat under while he was dressed up as Robin Hood, Prince of Thieves). It’s a striking part of the landscape up there, old and beautiful. Here’s a link, if you ever fancy a visit: Hadrian’s Wall.


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