The Coffee Shop Tour: Curzon Soho

Curzon Soho

It turns out that one of the side-effects of leaving the 9 to 5 day job is developing a total and utter disregard for ordinary hours and places of work. I have a lovely oak desk at home, it is well equipped with all of the stationery and technology my little heart could desire. But, can I work there?

Hell, no.

Failing that, there’s always the dining table, but that’s entirely too close to the fridge.

So, I have decided to take this show on the road. I have thoroughly ingratiated myself with the lovely ladies at my local Nero’s…and the local Costa, for that matter. It’s time that I branched out. If I’m going to be using other people’s premises to write my books, then I might as well share out the favours.

Today, I’m at the Curzon cinema in Soho, in the heart of London’s theatre district. Attached to the cinema is a funky little coffee shop which does light meals and – most importantly – cake.  The shop also appears to have a liquor license, judging from the racks of booze and well-positioned bar snacks. I’m not quite ready to become casually alcoholic in my quest to finish the next book in the DCI Ryan series, but it’s always good to have the option!

The Curzon is a long-time favourite haunt of mine. I like the feel of this little place; it manages to maintain a good, bustling atmosphere without being over-loud, or over-busy, despite its central location. It’s like an oasis of cake and caffeine, with an interesting mix of clientele. Today, I’m flanked by international students dressed head-to-toe in Hobo chic on one side and a suited and booted City type on the other. I like that it attracts people from different walks.

My task for this afternoon is researching the role of a forensic archaeologist and it’s already fascinating stuff. I have in mind a character with a painstaking eye for detail and a steady hand.

See you next time.


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