New Year, New Mysteries

As I have done for too many years to count, I have made the same, tired old resolutions for the New Year. You know the ones; to cut back on the alcohol and sugary foods (never going to happen, I like them too much), be more tolerant of others (but what if they’re morons, or inconsiderate muppets?), travel (I might do a bit of that, actually, starting with a frosty trip to New York in February) and be a proactive writer.

I enjoy the last one, but just recently I’ve been bogged down in the depressing world of marketing (no offence to those of you who have a natural aptitude but, for me, it’s as mythical as Narnia). Because of this, I’ve spent less time writing and more time trying to “boost my online presence” in the form of Twitter, Facebook and all manner of social medium which was barely on my radar before.

Naturally, this has hindered my fulfilment of Resolution #1 (drink less vino tinto and eat less Ferrero Rocher).

To cheer myself up, I’m going location-hunting for my next book. This one is unrelated to the last (although the ideas are flowing for DCI Ryan: Book 2). In the interests of equality, I thought the next should shine a light on the South of England, an undoubtedly different terrain to the rugged North, but full of its own treasures. In particular, I’m looking to find that perfect, old-world manor house amid the rolling landscape of Somerset. Shout out if you have one in mind!

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